Here's why you can buy Hallmark branded beds with premium quality at direct factory price.

1. Why are mattresses and bedding generally costly?

Quality mattresses and bedding are usually costly to buy. But do you realize more than half of the cost is high mark-ups by distributors, wholesalers, and retailers?

These middle mark-ups need to be high because they need to pay high rentals, manpower costs, related expenses, and sufficient profits to compensate for their investments and risks. This is justifiable and fair.

Most mattresses and bedding in Singapore are sold via both online and offline retail outlets. In this situation, online prices are usually set to match higher offline retailer prices. This is because retailer mark-ups need to be protected to maintain uniform prices, retail networks, and business relationships.

BedOrigin Direct Factory Price gets you more than 50% savings. Enjoy great benefits with no dealer mark up and no retailer middle man.

2. How could Hallmark premium mattresses and bedding be priced so low? is strictly a direct online channel to import Hallmark premium mattresses, bedding, bed sheets, and towels from the factory directly to you.

No agent commission, no middleman mark-up, and no retailer involved. Bypassing middlemen saves you about 50% of usual retail prices.

In addition, you will get 5% Loyalty Points every time you shop online.

While low-price is usually associated with lowered quality products, however, will deliver to you these quality products by trusted Hallmark brand.

direct import factory

3. How could you verify its quality?

As an international brand, Hallmark has always maintained its high reputation. Product designs, materials, and workmanship are strictly supervised to meet the minimum Hallmark standard before it could be sold.

You are invited to visit our showroom to feel, test and sense its premium quality.

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4. About Us

We are Biztex Pte Ltd, a Singapore company licensed by Hallmark to design, manufacture and distribute its mattresses, bed linen, bedsheets, beddings, and towels in Singapore.

Hallmark bed & bath products are not sold at any other outlet. Only through our direct online channel and showroom, you will enjoy Hallmark premium bed & bath products at their lowest direct factory prices.