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Sleep well with Hallmark comfy pillows ranging from feather downs and nano-fibre filling. Choose the right support for better sleep tonight.

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Standard Size  SGD69


Buy this affordable Linen Culture Comfort Pillow today with its anti-dust mite and hypoallergenic property.  Made with 100% Cotton Cover and 100% Microtech Fiber filling. A wonderful addition to your bedroom today.  

Standard Size  SGD79

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This Hallmark premium pillow is filled with selected quality fiber that is resilient and fluffy. Within its contoured chamber, the fibers were calibrated with precisely-measured densities, The resulting pillow provides just the right balance of support and firmness in 2 scales: Soft and Medium Firm.  

Standard Size SGD139


This is Hallmark pillow for those who need goose down comfort with firm neck support. The inner chamber is filled with 90% feather and 10% down. Outer chamber support by 50% feathers and 50% downs for comfort. Outer cover in 100% cotton 900TC to enhance its natural feel.  

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